Vegan Cheese Pizza Recipe

Vegan Cheese Pizza Recipe

This recipe is for people who want to give up dairy products but not cheese on their pizza. Check out this Vegan Cheese Pizza Recipe.

Maida: 2 cups
Dry yeast: 1 big tbsp
Psyllium husk: 1 big tbsp
Sesame seeds: 2-3 big tbsp
Soaked cashews: 1 big cup
Lemon juice: 2 tbsp
Tomatoes: 4-5 thinly sliced
Olive oil: 2 big tbsp
Sliced garlic cloves: 6-7
Thinly sliced onion: 1
Some fresh basil and thym leaves
Salt as per taste
Vinegar: 1 big tbsp
Ketchup: 1 big tbsp
Sugar: 1 tsp
Sliced vegetables as per your liking

To prepare the base-
1)Put 2 cups of maida in a bowl.
2) Take 1 big tbsp dry yeast and add it in lukewarm water to activate it.
3) After adding yeast to the maida, knead it with water.
4) Now let it sit for about 1-2 hours.

To prepare cheese-
1) Take 1 big tbsp of psyllium husk.
2) Mix it in water.
3) Grind 2-3 big tbsp of sesame seeds.
4) Now, grind 1 big cup of soaked cashews in the mixer.
5) When the cashew paste becomes of the smooth consistency, mix psyllium husk, lemon juice as well as sesame paste in it.
6) Grind all the ingredients once again.
7) Your cheese is ready. It will get firm till your pizza is made.

To make pizza sauce-
1) Slice 4-5 tomatoes and make puree.
2) Heat 2 big tbsp olive oil in the pan on medium flame.
3) Add 1 thinly sliced onion and 6-7 garlic cloves to the heated oil.
4) Fry both the ingredients for about 4-5 minutes and then add the tomato puree.
5) Add fresh basil and thym leaves. You can also add dried leaves if fresh ones aren't available.
6) Now add salt as per your taste, 1 big tbsp vinegar, 1 big tbsp ketchup, and 1 tsp sugar. Cook the sauce till a thick consistency is achieved.

To make pizza-
1) Sprinkle some flour on a flat surface.
2) Take some kneaded flour and turn it into a pizza base with the help of your palms.
3) Transfer the base to the oven tray.
4) Pour 1 big tbsp olive oil on it.
5) Now spread your sauce and add cheese to the base.
6) Add your favourite veggies as topping.
7) Cook it in a preheated oven for about 30-40 minutes at 300*C.

Your Pizza is now ready to be served!