Vegan Kadai Paneer (Tofu)

The famous Kadai Paneer when replaced by the healthy Tofu adds immense value ad taste to it. It is surely a dish not to be missed.


  1. Tofu- 250g
  2. Onion- 2 (1+1) 1 should be chopped longitudinally
  3. Tomato- 2
  4. Ginger- 1 piece
  5. Garlic- 5-6 cloves
  6. Capsicum- 1 big (cut longitudinally)
  7. Coriander powder- 1/2tbs
  8. Cashews (optional)- 8-10
  9. Cumin- 1/4th tsb
  10. Black pepper (whole)- 1/4th tsp
  11. Whole red chillies- 2
  12. Green chilly- 2
  13. Turmeric (optional)- 1/4th tsp
  14. Red chilly powder- 1/4th tsp
  15. Garam Masala- 1/4th tbs
  16. Salt- 1/4th tbs
  17. Oil- 4 tbs


  1. Heat oil in a frying pan. Once heated add cumin, red chillies, black pepper, coriander and onion to the oil. Wait till the onion turns to a reddish brown tinge.
  2. Grind together the tomatoes, garlic and ginger to make a paste.
  3. Add to the temper, the tomato puree prepared in step 2. You can also put ground cashews into the temper.
  4. Next, add the garam masala, turmeric, salt and red chilly powder.
  5. In the paste add capsicum, long cut onion and wait till they are putrefy.
  6. Once the temper looks prepared, add tofu!

Kadhai Tofu is ready to eat!