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Crunchy Peanut Butter (1 kg), Unsweetened, Protein Packed

Rs. 540.00
A protein-packed, vegan, healthy, and 100% natural Peanut Butter in our freshly launched 1 kg jar!

Peanut Butter without sugar is a must for athletes and bodybuilders, but it’s equally important for a normal person’s diet. The fiber, protein, and healthy fat in it boosts your energy levels for a longer period of time and helps maintain overall health.

You can enjoy this Crunchy Peanut Butter as a spread over toast, as a topping on fruits & pancakes, or blend it with your favourite smoothie.

No added salt.
No added sugar.
No palm oil.
No preservatives.




Dry roasted peanuts


The peanuts are roasted until they get a golden glow. Then, they are ground up in our home blender, in our kitchen running on solar power. Each jar is hand-filled with the crunchy peanut butter and decorated with home toasted cacao!

Note: If you’re already buying the 250g jars from us and now looking forward towards a sustainable lifestyle, then this 1kg jar will help both of us save a lot of packaging waste.