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About Us

About Us

Peepal Farm is an animal rescue organization and an organic farm in Dhanotu Village, Himachal Pradesh, with one major objective of animals to be healed and heard.

The quest to reach out to more people for spreading our message and getting them to join in the cause gave birth to Peepal Farm Products.

Starting with farm grown herbs, the products line kept growing gradually into a vast range of categories with a major aim in mind - to generate more employment for women. 


Peepal Farm Products employs women of our village to make a diverse range of products all by hand. Based in the village Dhanotu, just outside of Dharamsala, our team makes everything from vegan food to up-cycled decor, to skincare products, to delicious Kombucha!

Our ethos is "Consume less, harm less", so we even encourage you to NOT buy our products! We have recipes and how to's for almost everything on social media. But if you don't have the time for that, we got you covered. You can buy from us knowing that we minimize waste and packaging, and all of our profits go towards saving animals in our rescue.


Call or Whatsapp us at: +91-9805668368

Write to us at:

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