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Organic Chilli Seeds (Pack of 6)

Rs. 350.00

These seeds were grown and saved at Peepal Farm. Choosing these will mean that you’re getting seed from the healthiest plants, which in turn will pass on those genetics to the future generation of seeds.  

White Habanero (30 seeds): It's a very uncommon habanero variety with a smoky flavor and moderate heat.

Red Habanero (30 seeds): These are favored for their intense heat.

Orange Habanero (30 seeds): These have a fruity sweet flavor to go along with their heat.

Cherry Bomb (30 seeds): These have a super hot flavor.

Little Beak (30 seeds): These have a tiny bit of heat.

Green Chillies (30 seeds): These have a sharper and often hotter character.


Season: Can be sown anytime.

Depth: Surface

Sowing method: Tray