Cashew Butter (150g), Unsweetened, 100% Roasted Cashews

Cashew Butter (150g), Unsweetened, 100% Roasted Cashews

₹ 220

This all-natural, raw Cashew Butter is creamy like Peanut Butter and so addicting! It is a perfect spread for sandwiches or morning toast.

But that's not all. Cashew butter is a very sought after ingredient in the Indian vegan cuisine. We might have found tofu to replace cottage cheese, but we usually don't have a lot of options with the gravy. Cream is often an important ingredient in the thick spicy Indian curries, and cashew butter is the ideal(and tastier!) substitute. Just add a spoonful and you will notice the difference in the texture and taste of all those dishes which you thought you'd never enjoy again after switching to a plant-based diet!


150 grams


Dry roasted cashews


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