Upcycled Fabric Dog Rope/Tug Toys

Upcycled Fabric Dog Rope/Tug Toys

₹ 130 to 350


Rope tug toys for your furbabies! They are vibrant, sturdy, and a little elastic too. They are expected to survive for quite a while so our brats can unleash their full crazy on them (no compromises on the crazy!). What makes them special is that they are upcycled and handmade from waste fabric. We use discarded scraps of fabric that have been sanitized. They are eco-friendly, washable, and safe for dogs.

Note: Each dog toy is made using different fabrics and will not be identical to the ones in the image.

Sizes available:

Small: 25cm

Medium: 32cm

Large: 40cm

Jumbo: 25cm x 8cm

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