Peanut Butter For Dogs (1KG)

Peanut Butter For Dogs (1KG)

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Our peanut butter for dogs is so wholesome and protein-rich that your furry friend will love to eat it! Our recipe does not contain any sugar, salt or preservatives, making it extremely safe and healthy for your dog. Dogs love creamy peanut butter, and when stuffed in a Kong toy, it becomes the perfect snack and pastime for them.

Quantity: 1kg

Ingredients: Peanuts only


How can I feed peanut butter to my dog?

To give their regular meals a yummy boost, add a tablespoon of this peanut butter to their food, and watch them slurp it up! As a stress relief technique, fill a Kong toy with dog peanut butter and watch them enjoy it!

Can I give this peanut butter to my puppy?

Yes, this peanut butter is great for puppies and dogs. Make sure you feed them in moderation and it does not contain xylitol.

How much peanut butter can I give to my dog?

For puppies, half a tablespoon a day. For adult dogs, not more than 1 tablespoon a day.


What kind of peanut butter is good for my dog?

Peanut butter without any xylitol, sugar, salt or palm oil is perfect for your dog. This is the perfect healthy vegan snack for dogs. Offer them a dollop and see them lick their snouts with joy!

Best before 6 months from the date of manufacture.

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