Handmade Facial Cleanser - 100% Natural & Cruelty-Free

Handmade Facial Cleanser - 100% Natural & Cruelty-Free

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This cleanser is 100% vegan, made using natural and cruelty-free ingredients. It cleans and exfoliates for fresh, healthy, and radiant skin. It also helps prevent acne, removes excess oil and impurities gently without stripping skin of its natural oils. The anti-oxidants present in it have anti-aging properties as well.

Regular use of this cleanser will leave your skin fresh and rejuvenated. Since its made using gentle and nourishing natural ingredients, it is suitable for sensitive and damaged skin types as well.

Net Weight: 40g


Multani Mitti: Multani mitti, commonly known as Fuller's earth, is a mineral-rich clay known for its purifying and absorbent properties. It's a great agent to deep clean, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin.


Sandalwood Powder: Sandalwood powder is an antimicrobial that fights acne-causing germs, exfoliates the skin, relieves sunburn, removes tan, and reduces signs of ageing such as dry skin and wrinkles.

Orange Peel: It helps lighten and brighten the skin naturally. It not only aids in cleansing your skin and fighting acne but it hydrates and moisturizes your skin as well.


Rose Petals Powder: Its antimicrobial qualities keeps acne and skin problems at bay. Rose help relieve redness caused by acne, soothes your skin and helps bring relief as well as aid recovery. The antioxidants in rose provide anti-aging benefits to the skin. 


Turmeric: Turmeric prevents skin cells from clumping together and clogging the pores. It may effectively limit the growth of acne-causing germs because it is antiseptic and antibacterial. With continuous usage it gives skin a more even-toned appearance. It helps prevent premature ageing, which is its another key advantages.

How to use?

Mix the powder with rose water or purified water. Apply on clean face and neck and let it dry. Wash by gently massaging in a circular motion.

Tip: Use up to 3 times a week for best results.

Note: All the products are handmade by the local women of Dhanotu village.

All the proceeds from the sales of the products go towards funding our animal clinic.

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