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10 Recycled Jute Grow Bags

Eco friendly, sustainable growing solution

10 Recycled Jute Grow Bags

₹ 120.00

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What happens when you purchase a Peepal Farm Product?

  1. Vegan and Affordable: All the Peepal Farm Products are ethically sourced and cruelty free. So you get yourself a 100% vegan product, well worth your money.

  2. Homemade and Healthy Edibles: You get yourself a healthy adulteration-free edible product. We use whole ingredients, that we know to be healthy, or organic herbs that we grow in our farm. You can be sure of the freshness of our products as they are made to order; we do not produce in bulk or stock items. We make the products in our home kitchen and take great care in growing, producing, procuring and processing the ingredients.

  3. Environment-friendly Non-Edibles:To hand make the non-edibles we use recycled discarded scraps of fabric collected from friends and families. We upcycle them into utility products like dog toys and wallets.

  4. Contribute to a Good Cause: You help fund the treatment and maintenance of several abused, abandoned, rescued and recovering animals. You give them a chance to a new life since 100% of the proceeds generated from the sales goes towards supporting our stray animal recovery center.

  5. Support Rural Women Employment: You support the employment of the local rural women who hand make these items right here in the farm. We are very conscious as to not replace them with machines, and hope to provide employment and financial independence to many more such talented women as we grow.