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About us

We started making, and selling home made products to get the word out about our project. The idea was to get our name, and message in front of people who are concious about what they are eating, but not necessarily about the plight of animals.

Gradually, "Peepal Farm Products" took a life of its own, and became important in its own right as it helped us give employment to the girls in the village.

Now, Peepal Farm Products goes a long way towards making Peepal Farm sustainable.

More reasons to buy Peepal Farm Products


All the products at Peepal Farm are vegan!


We use 100% natural ingredients, that we know to be healthy.


We make the products in solar farm's solar-powered kitchen!

Support a Good Carousel

100% profit from our products goes towards supporting our animal rescue.

Give work

Increased sales have given us the ability to hire more girls in our village.

Environment Conscious

We don't use Palm oil. Our shipping packagaing is re-used!