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Eucalyptus Essential Oil (10ml)

Eucalyptus Essential Oil (10ml)

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Eucalyptus oil is very therapeutic, effective and has a lot of health benefits. It promotes overall wellness and vitality. As an antiseptic, it helps in balancing oily skin while providing relief from acne, burns, abrasions and insect bites. Plus, it is an efficient decongestant, and inhaling it helps clear nasal passages and ease breathing.

Its anti-inflammatory properties strengthen immunity, relieves muscular aches and helps rejuvenate the body. It also finds its use in aromatherapy as its fragrance dispels sadness, revives the mind and promotes a sense of positivity and clarity of thoughts.

It also works as an insect repellent. Its antibacterial properties make it an effective disinfectant that can be used to disinfect and clean surfaces as well. 

Net Quantity: 10 ml

 How to use?

  • Pour a few drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil in your DIY Perfumes, Soaps, Scented Candles, Colognes, and body sprays for enhancing the fragrance.
  • You can use it as a room freshener as it will provide quick relaxation by refreshing your body and spirits. You can also use it as a linen spray to neutralize the odour instantly.
  • This oil is good for repelling insects, mosquitoes, bugs, etc. You can dilute the oil with water and fill it in a spray bottle for regular use.  
  • When used in aromatherapy, eucalyptus massage oil can improve mental clarity and relieve fatigue and stress. It has a positive effect on your mood and can be used to reduce anxiety as well.

     Note: Do not use it directly on your skin. Add 1 or 2 drops of essential oil to a teaspoon of your chosen carrier oil and blend well.


  • This 100% natural oil has a sweet and woody aroma that finds its use in aromatherapy which helps rejuvenate your body and mind.
  • Eucalyptus' antibacterial and anti-inflammatory nature reduces oiliness and relieves acne, rashes, burns and insect bites. 
  • Anti-inflammatory properties strengthen immunity and relieve muscular aches. It is also effective in relieving post-surgery pain and stress.
  • This oil's clarifying property soothes an itchy scalp, and acts as an efficient decongestant when inhaled. The presence of Eucalyptol makes eucalyptus oil a natural decongestant. It can be used to treat cold and cough symptoms due to its ability to suppress phlegm and mucus to clear the air passages.
  • You can also add it to your balms or ointments to improve their ability to heal cold sores.


Can you put Eucalyptus oil on your skin?
Eucalyptus oil can be used on the skin to fight inflammation and promote healing.

Does Eucalyptus oil clean the air?
Spraying Eucalyptus oil will kill germs in the air and reduce the number of airborne bacteria.

Is Eucalyptus oil good for hair growth?
Eucalyptus oil is known to stimulate hair growth because of its natural nourishing properties that can help soothe and calm the scalp.

Can you dilute Eucalyptus oil with water?
Diluted with water, a Eucalyptus spray can freshen the room and eliminate the body odours' trapped in shoes and sports gear. 

Do you need to dilute Eucalyptus oil?
Essential oils can irritate skin if not used responsibly. Diluting them prior to topical use, reduces the possibility of skin irritation.

Is Eucalyptus oil a mosquito repellent?
Eucalyptus oil is one of the well-known natural repellents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have approved eucalyptus oil as an effective ingredient in mosquito repellent.

Do essential oils expire?  
Unlike food, essential oils don't go bad, but they do change overtime. It's challenging to ascertain what the oils have transformed into, making it hard to assess whether or not they are safe to use. It is better to avoid inhaling or using expired essential oils on your skin.


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