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Peepal Farm Organic Loofah

Peepal Farm Organic Loofah

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Have you been looking into sustainable body care options?

Then nothing can get close to loofah which is nothing but dried gourd! Our farm-grown, organic loofah works as a gentle exfoliator for your body without any nasties. The organic loofah is made from the fiber of naturally dried-up vegetables it's suitable for even sensitive skin. What could be a better way than homegrown loofah that gets rid of the dead skin cells leaving behind bright and radiant skin?

Each pack contains 2 loofah pieces. This is a natural product so the size will vary.

How to use:
Dampen the loofah by placing it under running water which will get the loofah ready for the scrubbing action. Add some body wash onto it and gently rub it all over the body.

How to store:
After every use, thoroughly rinse off loofah with water and place it on a soap dish with holes. You can also dry it in the Sun that will naturally disinfect the loofah.

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